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The Altitude series stock is designed for the hunter or shooter that wants to save weight on their rifle without sacrificing strength, durability and still have a full figured stock. Utilizing layers of carbon fiber and a lightweight super strong fill and weighing approximately 25 ounces is what sets the Altitude series above its fiberglass injection molded counterparts.

The unpainted/unfinished stock is the black carbon fiber with a matte clear coat applied. Website will be updated soon.

*Orders will be filled as received, 7-8 weeks before shipping, Hydro dipped stocks require an additional week to process.*

*Varmint Contour fits up to Proof Sendero/M24/Bartlein #13

-see below for specific action inlets that are available as well as the typical “Remington 700 type”.

*Available action inlets(make a note in the comments on checkout):

  • Defiance Deviant Long
  • Defiance Deviant Short
  • Defiance Deviant XM
  • Bighorn Long
  • Bighorn Short


Key features of the Altitude stock:

  1. 13.5” LOP, overall length of 31”, overall approximately 26 ounces, forend width 1.75”
  2. 1″ Pachmayr Decelerator Pad
  3. Elevated ambidextrous Negative comb, drop of comb is 1” in front and negative .75” towards rear of comb
  4. Inlet is ready for over sized recoil lugs and Wyatt’s extended internal box mag
  5. Modified ambidextrous vertical grip for proper shooting technique and comfort.
  6. Aluminum pillars installed.
  7. Dual swivel studs in forehand and one in the butt stock, 3” center to center screw spacing for front rail.
  8. Paint is removed from receiver area for proper glass bedding and to save time from sanding.
  9. Barrel channel has been inletted with a longer cylinder length found on custom barrels such as Proof Research, Bartlein etc.
  10. Texturing on forend and grip

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs

Long Action, Short Action

Barrel Contour

Varmint, Sporter


Alpine Camo, Glacier Camo, Mojave Camo, Hydro Dip, Carbon Fiber

Left or Right Handed

Left, Right


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