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Our stainless steel, self timing muzzle brake was designed to reduce as much recoil as possible and control muzzle jump. The locking nut on the muzzle brake has aggressive nerls so the user can get a good grip to loosen or tighten the brake. The port design and angle was tested to make sure that the gas’s were pushed away from the shooter. This brake was designed to compete with the best out there at a fair price.  100% satisfaction guaranteed

Our titanium self timing muzzle takes all the great features of our stainless steel version but is almost half the weight. This muzzle brake was designed for guys needing the lightest of gear but still maintaining peak performance. Weighing in at only 2.3 Oz and with a recoil reduction second to none, you will tame your light weight long range rifle to see your impacts on target and save your shoulder at the range. The DLC “Diamond Like Coating”  on the brake brings the overall durability to another level.

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Titanium, Stainless Steel


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